Amish, or “Mennonite” people, are one of the largest Christian denominations in the United States.

They practice a strict form of Christianity, the Amish way, that emphasizes obedience and hard work.

The church is the largest in the world, with about 11 million adherents, and has been the subject of many popular movies, television shows, and books.

Amish men wear a white dress that resembles a dress with a black fringe, a white skirt, and a white coat with white trim.

The dress is often called a “turtleneck,” but the name refers to the black fringe and the white skirt.

Amityville, New Hampshire is the only Amish town in the country to have a large Amish community.

The town has a large congregation of Amish.

The Amish are one the largest churches in the U.S. The religion’s founder, John Calvin, was born in Amity, New York, in 1664.

The word Amish means “fierce” in Hebrew, and it was a popular term among the Amished at the time.

Amishes were originally an agricultural and craftsman people.

Today, the word Amishes is used to refer to people of the Amlish language spoken in southern Maine and the South.

Amusement parks, which include roller coasters, water slides, and rides, are common in Amish communities.

Some Amish homes are adorned with colorful art, such as the Amishing Village Amish Church and the Amassing Amish House.

AmISH men also wear hats with a white headband with a green crown on it.

In Amish households, there are two genders: male and female.

The men and women have different roles, with the men tending to domestic duties and the women to the household.

Amuses dresses are often made of black wool, blue cloth, or blue material, which they wear to show off their wealth.

They have long hair that is pulled back and tucked into a bun.

Some women also wear a wig, which has a wide, long neck, and long, long, red earrings.

Women’s clothing is often made with a variety of materials and fabrics.

Amis women wear a long, black, white or pink hat that is decorated with flowers and leaves.

Amuses men wear traditional Amish clothing, such in the traditional dress and the black, blue, and white hats.

Amites are a family of roughly 4,000 people, making up about 20% of the state’s Amish population.

They are descendants of German immigrants who migrated to the United Kingdom in the 18th century.

They were one of several German tribes that settled in Amistad, Maine, in the 1780s.

The population grew rapidly after the French and British colonized the area.

In the late 19th century, Amish leaders, including Calvin, began to spread their beliefs in the North.

Calvin’s followers began to call themselves Amish Christians.

The first Amish church was founded in Amashburg, Maine in 1869.

The congregation now includes more than 10,000 Amish residents and about 15,000 others from around the country.

Many of the original Amish settled in Maine, including the Amusing Amish Amish Town in Amushagawea, New England, which is about 100 miles (160 kilometers) northeast of Amashville.


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