‘Bitterly disappointing’: Woman whose dress caused an uproar on a busy Dublin street

A woman has told how she was left “terrified” and “frightened” after her “savage” dress caused a ruckus on a bustling Dublin street.

A group of young men walked through the busy street on Saturday and were loudly booing as they passed.

One man even yelled “You f**king pigs”, which provoked a huge crowd to descend on the street.

The woman who was in the group had to defend herself as her dress was torn off.

“My dress was absolutely ripped in two places,” she said.

“I was very upset and was very distressed by it.

I felt extremely unsafe on the road.”

She said she had been told by a fellow group of men “that you should have just done your shopping” because of the “very extreme” nature of the situation.

“It was very, very loud, and I was very frightened,” she told The Irish Sun.

“When I was leaving I was like, ‘Why am I still in this situation?'”

The woman said she was shocked by the number of men who were in the area.

“We were walking on a narrow street.

They weren’t stopping.

They were stopping in front of the shop,” she added.”

They were shouting things like ‘we should have done our shopping earlier’.”

I didn’t want to stop because I was in such a hurry.

I had to stop and get out of there.

“A passerby told The Sun: “I was in tears because I heard all these people screaming.

I was scared, I was a bit upset.

I just wanted to get out, because I didn’t feel safe walking down the road and I didn`t want people to hear.

“The woman has since been fined €2,000 ($2,600) and has been warned that she will be banned from walking in the street for life.”

It wasn’t just the people that were shouting. “

It was shocking.”

“It wasn’t just the people that were shouting.

It was the people who were shouting and jeering and booing.

It wasn’t like a group of people that I was really close to but it was a huge group of guys.””

I’ve been on the receiving end of quite a few things like that on my walk.”


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