Chadwick Boseman has ‘lost her mind’ over the sexual harassment allegations against him

Chadwick, the lead singer of the hip-hop band Bad Brains, was in the middle of writing and recording his third album, and his fans were not happy about the fact that his album had been delayed by three years.

The group, which has sold more than one million albums worldwide, released a statement on Twitter on Monday that said Chadwick had “lost his mind” after he had been approached by a woman who claimed to have been the victim of sexual harassment.

“He was very hurt, and it was difficult to watch as he was writing and recorded a new album and his family were struggling to support his family,” the statement read.

“We are saddened by his departure from Bad Brins and are heartbroken to see him go.

We have lost a great leader.”

Bad Brains’ latest album, entitled My Favorite Song, was supposed to come out in February, but the record company told the band it would need at least a month to get the record into stores.

“Unfortunately, this time was different.

Our team was already working on a brand new album.

Chadwick was not going to be there to support us with all the music,” the group’s statement read, before listing off the many other issues that were still being worked out.”

We want to thank everyone for their support of the Bad Brics, and we hope to see you all back soon.”


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