By the 1920’s, women were increasingly spending more time outside in the country, and wearing clothes that they were more comfortable with.

The clothing of the time, according to one study, was made of wool and silk, and in many ways, women’s outfits were far more feminine and “dressed for the world outside,” according to the book Fashion for Women’s Families: 1900 to the Present by Mary Jo Williams.

The same study found that in some cases, women didn’t even wear clothes made of leather at all.

Women in the 1920 to 1930s were increasingly opting for casual clothing, including skirts and dresses, to fit in with their everyday life.

The trend continued into the 1950s and 1960s.

But while the women’s fashion and apparel of the era were pretty basic, the style continued to evolve and expand as the decade progressed.

Here are some of the latest trends to wear during the 1930s: The 1920s Women’s Fashion, 1930s Clothing, and the Great Depression: The 1930s Women in America, 1929 to 1932: The Great Depression, 1932 to 1933: The Depression, 1933 to 1934: Depression, 1934 to 1935: Depression to 1935 to 1936: The Boomer Era, 1936 to 1940: The 1940s: Women in Women’s Clothing, 1940 to 1950: The 1950s: Clothing, 1950 to 1955: Clothing and Accessories, 1955 to 1960: Clothing History, 1960 to 1970: Women’s Footwear, 1970 to 1980: Women Fashion and Accessories in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s:


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