On this chilly spring morning, the women of the village are already in their traditional clothes.

The air smells of burning wood and leaves, and the only sound is the wind.

The women are preparing a kahli in a traditional kuhli-like dress, with a veil covering the neck and a long, thin skirt.

The garment they wear has been passed down from generation to generation since the late 1700s.

It’s one of a number of traditional dress patterns from the region, and they are all based on a traditional garment called kahl.

It’s an ancient garment, with roots stretching back to the time of the Khalsa empire.

It is still worn in many of the country’s major cities, including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and other parts of Pakistan.

Kahls have been used by indigenous people for millennia, but they have always been worn by women.

Today, women in rural Pakistan are often required to cover their heads in the traditional kahls, which are made from cotton, sheepskin and wool.

But as urbanisation has spread in recent decades, many women are also wearing kahlis.

And for the women who have never worn a kohla, this is an adjustment.

“For me, I have never had a kohl garment,” said 29-year-old mother of two Zia, who does not want to be named.

“I have always worn a hijab.”

Zia has been a member of the Baghpati village in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province for more than a decade.

Her mother told her to wear a kalkhi, which she did for a while.

But it was a tradition that she could not abandon, and it is something that has remained for the past 20 years.

“The tradition of wearing kalkhhs is not only a tradition of women, it’s also a tradition in our community,” said Zia.

“We have no other option, so we have to continue wearing it.”

Zian said that the kalkhs are worn in the name of the goddess Sahib, a Hindu goddess who represents beauty and purity.

“In the past, we used to wear these kalkhas for all the rituals in the house,” Zia said.

Zia said that since her father died in a motorcycle accident a few years ago, she has had to find a way to wear the kuhls without her father’s permission.

“Now I have to wear them because my mother has asked me to,” Zian said.

“She has also asked me that I wear it during the day and in the evening.

So it has become my responsibility to make sure that I do not leave it in the sun for too long,” she said.

According to the traditional belief, Sahib wears a khat (a head covering), a head-dress that covers her eyes and ears and is traditionally made from cow hide.

The head-covering, which is usually made from a cow hide, is a symbol of her divine status, and many Muslims believe that she is also a goddess.

“We also wear it for the ceremony of birth, so that she will not be forgotten,” Zias mother said.

In many parts of the world, kahles have been worn to celebrate important events like weddings, funerals, weddings, marriages and weddings.

In Pakistan, however, many of these rituals have traditionally been done in traditional dress.

“In Sindh province, the head- covering is called the kahali.

The kahila is traditionally a head covering worn during the ceremony, during the prayers and also during the procession,” said Umma Shahbaz, director of the Women’s Welfare Centre of Sindh.

In Karachi, many people who are not Muslim have taken to wearing kuhles in traditional clothing, especially for religious events like the wedding and funerals.

“I am a devout Muslim and I am very careful about it, but I do it only for the khat [head-cover],” said Aisha, a resident of Karachi’s Baghpura area.

Aisha has been wearing a kahi since she was a child.

“It’s important that we wear it,” she told CBC News.

“The kahi is a part of the traditional costume of our people.”

For the past few years, Aisha has worn a scarf covering her face and hands when she goes to the market to buy goods.

It was her first time wearing a scarf and she said that it has helped her to cope with the cold.

“You know, you know, we’re still growing up here, so it helps a lot to be protected and to have something like a scarf,” Aisha said.

“This scarf helps me to get through these cold winter days without being cold.”

Zimari says she feels safer wearing a headscarf than she would wearing a traditional veil. “When I


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