Recode editor and former fashion editor Sarah Tew is on a mission to find diamonds in the $100K price range.

She has spent $5,000 on a set of four cufflinks with diamonds and precious stones and they are now on display at the Australian Diamonds and Pearls Show in Melbourne.

“I love to find new and interesting stuff,” she told Recode.

The four diamonds are $10,000 each.

They are made of sapphire and sapphires are expensive, but the diamonds themselves are a bargain compared to the diamonds sold in China.

Recode: The diamonds are a ‘good bargain’ compared to other diamonds bought in China The diamond cuff links were made by Carhartt and sold for $1,200 each at a New York show in February.

But they were sold out quickly and the diamond cuffrings are still on display in Australia, the show said.

So far, the set has sold out, and the Australian show is now running the show.

Tew’s $5K set sold out at the Diamonds & Pearls show in Melbourne on Friday, March 4, 2018.

What to do if you see someone buying a diamond cufflink for $100k.

You can contact the Australian Museum to ask them about the cufflinks or ask them to get them for you.

This $100 million diamond cuff set is sold out.

Read Sarah Tews story in Recode Magazine Sarah Tew, former fashion writer and Recode reporter, has a few tips for buying diamonds in Australia: 1.

Ask about the size of the diamond.

Cufflinks typically measure 1.5 inches (4.2cm) long by 1.3 inches (3.7cm) wide.

If the cuff links are 1.25-inches (2.4cm) or larger, they will be a better deal than any other diamond cuff link.


Go with a reputable dealer.

A reputable dealer will show you a diamond in a better condition and you will see a better price for the diamond than if you go to a reputable site.


Check that the dealer is selling diamonds in good condition.


Check with your bank.


Contact the Australian government to find out if you can get a loan for the diamonds.


If you are unsure whether a diamond is in good shape, go to the nearest jeweler or jeweler’s shop and get a diamond appraiser to check.


Ask if the seller will take back the diamonds if they don’t want them.


Be cautious when it comes to buying diamonds online.


If a diamond that you like looks too good to be true, check that the seller has the right paperwork to prove it is genuine.


If it looks too big for the price, you can always buy it at a more reputable dealer and ask them if it’s okay to have it resold.


When shopping online, ask if you will need to bring your own camera.


If there is a lot of interest, go back and get more of the diamonds you are interested in. 13.

When buying diamonds, look at the price range of the seller and compare it to the price of the other diamonds.

If the seller doesn’t sell a lot, you may want to consider buying a larger set of diamonds.

Read Sarah’s story in The Australian Magazine Read more Sarah’s interview with Recode The diamond cuff collection is made of eight diamonds each made of 25-carat sapphoides and four each of 4-cara sapphuides, and each has an edge of 10-carats.

Each set is $1.25 million and the sets sold out on Monday, March 5.

Find more Australian diamonds and pearls on Recode


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