FourFourFourTwo asks: How can you make your ’70’s and ’90s wardrobe look timeless and stylish? 

For me, the ’80-90s were a decade that really brought me back to the roots of my childhood.

I was a huge fan of the band PJ Harvey, and I still listen to their albums to this day. 

I was obsessed with the fashion of the time, and when I got older I started to feel the need to make a statement about what I wore.

I wore very short skirts and dresses that were a little bit more fitted. 

My mom had a lot of fun with the trend, but I wanted to be more versatile with my style.

I felt that if I wore a dress that fit well, and a jacket that looked well tailored, then I could be my own stylist. 

For a while, I was wearing a lot more tailored suits and jackets. 

As I got more into dressing up, I started getting more and more into designer pieces, like Louis Vuitton suits and Gucci shoes. 

A lot of people are looking to the ’90-2000s as the golden age of the woman’s wardrobe, and that’s the time when I started thinking about what my outfit should look like.

I started looking at my old outfits and I just started to re-think what my outfits should be.

I just looked at what was available at the time and what other designers had done before and what they had done in the past. 

The first thing I did was go out and look at the style guides that were being put out at the stores. 

At first I was a little hesitant, because I had never done a lot like that before.

I was really nervous about it, but when I looked at the styles and styles that were available, I really liked what I saw.

I thought, OK, I could dress like that.

I could wear the same style that my mom had and not change anything.

I wanted the same look for myself. 

That was the first time I had the confidence to do that. 

Then, I went to the mall and looked at how my mom was dressed and what I could find at the store. 

One thing I realized was that the trends in the stores weren’t very similar to what I had worn in the ’60s. 

You had these styles that you had seen on the show The Price Is Right and the sitcom The Price is Right.

Then there were these styles on the runway that were just very different from what was on the fashion shows. 

These were the kinds of things that I started dressing up in. 

After I did that, I would go out in the dressing rooms and look for the pieces that I liked and then I would wear them. 

There were a lot that I loved from that period, and my mom also really enjoyed these types of dresses. 

When I got to the age of 20, I just stopped wearing the suits and shirts that my mother had worn and I started looking for new styles. 

Because of my parents’ work and my career and my family, I knew that I wanted a more casual look. 

If you can find something that suits you and you have some fun with it, it can really work for you. 

So, the first thing that I did is I started buying vintage dresses that I could get for under $20 at a department store or thrift store.

I would have these dresses that my grandmother had and I would bring them home and put them in my suitcase. 

It was just really fun, and it really helped me with my career. 

Eventually, I had enough of this and decided to go shopping for more designer pieces. 

This was before the internet existed, so there were no internet shopping sites for designer clothes.

So I just bought the suits that my grandma had, and these were just great, very functional pieces.

The suits were also from this era and they were all designed by my grandmother. 

And it was also during this time that my wardrobe started to get a little more tailored.

I got into a loterie. 

What I mean by that is, when I first started to wear the suit, it looked a little too big and a little tight.

So then I started going and looking for dresses that could go up a little, and this is where I started making a statement. 

By this time, I wore all my suits in the morning and evening, and the dresses that went up at night. 

With the new styles that I was dressing up for, I also started buying designer bags. 

Most of the times, I’d bring my mom’s clothes to the store and they’d be a little baggy, but sometimes I would put them on a backpack and they would be quite big. 

Finally, in the mid-1990s, my mother got sick, and she died. So it


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