The world’s most famous Pakistani fashion brand has launched a new line of women’s fashion, featuring dresses from Pakistan’s most iconic and controversial women.

The brand, which is owned by the family-owned garment maker Al-Riyadh Trading Company (ARMAC), is the latest to tap into the Pakistani feminist movement and embrace a more casual, everyday look.

In a statement to Reuters, the company said: “The clothing we offer is a reflection of our own history and our aspirations.

We wanted to be able to represent women in a way that speaks to their values, and the most important part of that is the clothing they wear.”

The new line includes dresses, skirts and accessories, including a hoodie and a cardigan.

It comes in four shades, from black to gold, and comes in a range of styles from traditional to modern, including some that are “faded” – a traditional dress made with the latest technology.

“The new line reflects the spirit of the Pakistanis we all know and love, and it speaks to the spirit that is Pakistani,” the brand said.

“It has also become a statement of empowerment for women across the country, especially women of colour.”

The line is currently in the middle of its launch, with two stores set to open in the next few months.

Al-Jalil Group, which also owns the Pakistani clothing brand Al-Wahhab, said it had a vision for the new line, and that it was “the first in a series of new collections that we plan to launch over the next three to four years.”

It added that it is “dedicated to offering the best Pakistani fashion and fashion accessories to the global fashion market”.

The company said it would be adding stores in the coming months in Pakistan, Dubai and London.

 (AP: Reuters)


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