UK’s top civil liberties watchdog has called on campaigners to donate women’s outfits to help defend their rights.

The European Union’s top court has said it wants to extend a previous ruling to include all clothing worn by women in public spaces, including schools, shops, and public transport.

The ruling from the European Court of Human Rights comes after a European Commission decision to allow charities to give away donated clothing.

The EU is concerned about the increasing number of women wearing “skirt-like” clothing in public places, including public toilets, and the lack of adequate protection for women’s bodies.

The decision comes after the European Commission in June 2016 decided to allow a charity, a charity for women, to give clothes to women at school, public transport, and places of employment.

It comes after women’s right activists across Europe have been trying to give women’s garments to schools and places where they are in contact with the public for months.

The charity is called “Kraft-Helmet” and it has received more than 30,000 donations, many of which were from women in France, Germany, Sweden, and Finland.

It is also a member of the Women’s Equality Party, a group which campaigned against the decision by the European commission to allow women to wear skirts in public.

“KraftHelmet aims to support women and children, and especially those living in poverty and excluded communities,” the group said in a statement.

The group says it is aiming to donate 10,000 garments.

In a statement, the group added: “This will give more women the chance to wear their own clothes.

It will also strengthen the fight against sexual harassment, as women are not always the only ones in public and in schools.

It would also help strengthen solidarity between women and their allies in the fight for gender equality.”

The charity has also received donations from some of the biggest companies in Europe.

It has also been working with a number of charities to distribute clothing to women who live in countries that do not have the right to grant the charity’s rights.

“This is an opportunity for women in developing countries to have the opportunity to buy clothes, wear them and contribute to a project which will ultimately benefit the people in those countries,” the statement said.

“We are very proud of the fact that the first women-owned clothing factory in Europe has opened in a developing country.”

Krafthelmets will also help fund a project that will provide a safe place for people to donate clothes to homeless shelters, and to provide education about gender equality and the rights of women.

The “Katherine’s Kitchen” project has received $2 million (£1.3 million) from the group.


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