Posted by Business Insider Business Insider on March 22, 2019 07:37:58You can now measure your clothing for a shoe size with the new Aliexpress Clothing Measurement App.

The app lets you see the width, length, circumference and width of your shoe, as well as your size.

You can even use the app to calculate your shoe size.

The app can also display your shoes sizes on your computer, which is useful if you want to make a more informed decision about whether to wear something.

If you don’t know the size of your shoes, the app will show you.

To measure your shoe:Launch the app from your device’s home screen.

From the drop-down menu, select the gear icon, and select measurement.

From the gear list, tap Measure.

If you have a smartphone, tap the gear button in the top right-hand corner.

From here, you can tap Measure again to calculate the shoe size for your shoe.

You can also add measurements by going to the shoe page in the app.


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