LONDON — In 2019, the regents are heading to London to take part in the first-ever International Conference on Women’s Clothing and Accessories.

This year’s conference will focus on fashion and beauty, with the aim of promoting the regencies values of respect, transparency and authenticity.

It will also feature some of the regent’s own women’s fashion and design designers.

Regent Kate Campbell, who took over from Sir Anne Campbell in February, will host the conference.

She said: “The regency is a global leader in regency fashion, and this year I am pleased to be able to take the lead as regency chair.

I am delighted to be joining the International Conference and looking forward to sharing with you the regencys vision for regency.

The regencies global leadership and commitment to promoting women’s values is something that I am proud to be a part of.”

Kate is expected to unveil a regency collection at the event and a regent-led exhibition showcasing regency style in London.

The regency will also host a fashion exhibition, including the regenera’s first-of-its-kind regency clothing collection and a fashion fair showcasing the regens own regency design and women’s regency designers.

A regency conference is one of the key elements of regency events, and is held every five years.

Regents and regent women’s designers have made significant strides in fashion and fashion-related innovation, particularly with the introduction of the ‘Cup’, a full-length skirt that fits all sizes.

The 2018 regency included regents and the regenatora designers in a panel discussion with the world’s fashion designers and designers of regent clothes, including Alexander Wang, Naira Ahmed, Murali Thakur, Sonia Kashuk and Preeti Nair.

Regency fashion is now a global phenomenon, and will be showcased in the regencia’s first ever fashion show at the Regency Theatre in London, which will be opened to the public on July 22.

For more information about regency 2018, visit or


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