Indian women’s apparel company offers Indian-made women’s dress for women in Pakistan

Hacker News article A company called Indian-based Indian-themed women’s fashion company, Northstyle, is offering its own women’s clothes for Indian-Pakistani women in Islamabad.

The clothing is called “India-made,” and is priced at $100 a piece, and it comes in a range of colors ranging from bright reds and blues to the pink and blue of India.

Northstyle also sells the same range of items in the US for around $60, but for Pakistanis, the price is $140.

According to the company, the clothes are “designed to meet your every need, from a basic casual dress to a stylish outfit with an all-day wear vibe.”

For women, the range includes “dress shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, accessories, and more,” according to the press release.

For men, it’s “a wide range of styles that suit your body type and mood.”

It’s a pretty simple concept, but one that has some interesting implications.

For example, the fact that Northstyle has its own products in Pakistan (which, ironically, is one of the countries most impoverished regions) may help make it more attractive to Indian women who may be looking for affordable clothing options.

As one Pakistani blogger explained to me: “The fact that they are making Indian-origin products here shows how important it is to get a basic product in Pakistan, as it is in many other countries.”

And the fact they are offering Indian-produced clothes in the first place is probably helping to increase the popularity of the company in Pakistan.

So far, Northstar has only sold a few of the products, but the company is hoping to expand its line of Indian-inspired clothing to include “the entire range of Indian products,” which it says it will be “launching soon.”

The company hopes that the publicity and sales of its product will help to bring the product to Pakistani consumers, who might be hesitant to shop at stores in India or elsewhere because of the country’s strict anti-women’s violence laws.

It may also help in building up the brand in Pakistan as well, as many of the Pakistani women who shop at the store are not well-educated or have less financial means than their Indian counterparts.

“We want to help in educating them and helping them understand the difference between Indian and Pakistani products,” said Shanti Datta, Northstars managing director.

Datta added that the company’s product will be available in Pakistan for the “next six months,” and that the goal is to “launch the first Indian-branded product in the country within the next two to three months.”

Northstar will sell its products in both Pakistani and Indian stores, and hopes to “support the development of Pakistani fashion and Indian brands in Pakistan,” she said.

In fact, the company even has plans to open an office in Pakistan to help it “accelerate the growth of its business.”

It plans to expand the range of products it sells, including “Indian-made products for women and children,” “Pakistani-made accessories, jewelry, fashion accessories, footwear, and apparel,” and “the whole range of clothing and accessories.”

But that’s not all.

According the press statement, NorthStar also wants to “help build a strong local fashion scene.”

“We believe that Indian designers can take this opportunity to promote their own style and product to Pakistanis,” the company says, “and bring a vibrant Indian fashion culture to the Pakistani market.”

In addition to helping to spread the brand to Pakistani women, North Star is also looking to attract new customers, and said it hopes to make “a big impact on Pakistani fashion.”

And it plans to “deliver the best-made Indian-designed clothes to Pakistani men, women, and children.”

That’s good news for the country, where the number of women-owned businesses has been growing for years, but it could also be a sign that things are slowly getting better.


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