‘Lebanese Women’s Clothing’ hits stores, stores sell ‘Women’s Clothing’: ‘Women and Men’

The “Women and Girls” clothing line from “Lebanas Women’s Collection” has hit stores in some of the country’s most diverse regions.

The clothing, featuring leopard prints and leopard motifs, is available in stores in the cities of Côte d’Ivoire, Dakar, Lesotho, Liberia, Lesoe and South Africa, according to a statement from Lebanas Womens Collection.

The line also features leopard print and leopards paw prints on its leopard shorts and leggings.

The collection has sold out online, with some stores having already sold out. 

The women’s line also includes a collection of leopard patterns, a leopard handbag, and lewds shoes.

The “Women’s Collection,” which is named for a traditional African dress, was created by an online entrepreneur, Lebanon Mwamba, who previously designed clothing for the cosmetics brand Clinique, according a statement by the company.

The Lebanons Women Collection also features a collection with leopard stripes, leopard embroidery, leopard prints and a lewd shoes, according the company, which is based in the UK.


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