The Breckens are a family of eight dogs that are well known around the world.

Now they are coming back to life.

Brecken Ridge announced Tuesday that it is offering $20,000 in cash prizes for a winner of a lifetime of dog-themed apparel, a lifetime membership to the Breckenhurst Club, and an annual membership to a local Brecknestle pet store.

The Brecks will also make a small donation of up to $10,000 per year to local shelters.

The prizes are not exclusive to Breckes.

They will be shared with a lucky fan who completes an online online survey.

Winners will be announced online on Thursday, April 11, and will be able to win cash prizes ranging from $20 to $250.

The top prize will be a trip to the 2017 National Breeders’ Meeting.

The Breckenfords are among a handful of dogs featured in a new dog-centric ad campaign by the pet-centric online clothing company.

It was created by American Eagle Outfitters, the same company that sponsored the famous “Tiny House” ad campaign in 2012.


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