By Toni Weiss / Entertainment Weekly cover contributor / Fashion editorThe Fashioned Girl (1993) was one of the first movies to tackle the issues of gender inequality in film.

A transgender woman, Jane Fonda (played by Kate Bosworth) is struggling to maintain her identity after she leaves her suburban house in the 1950s and moves to Los Angeles to work as a model.

Jane, who also happens to be an aspiring actress, has a complicated relationship with her father and her brother, but she’s also a talented fashion designer who makes her way in the industry as a result.

But, while she’s a stylish woman, her life has been defined by the expectations of her father’s fashion empire, and Jane’s transition has left her struggling to cope with her new identity.

“You’re always trying to be the best you can be,” she explains to her older brother.

“The Cloestra, you know, you have to be a little bit better than the other girls.

You’re just trying to hold on to the glamour that you have.”

She goes on to say that “the world is always telling you what you can do, but you’re always fighting against it.”

Jane Fonda and her father (David Hockenberry) at the home of the wealthy and powerful.

Jane is constantly trying to stay on top of her career and to keep her husband (Tim Robbins) and two daughters (Laura and Emily) happy, but in doing so, she’s slowly losing control of her inner demons.

It’s a story that echoes the struggles of other transgender people, like Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black) and Caitlyn Jenner (Dysfunction), as well as the struggles faced by many trans women of color.

While “The Fashionables” focuses on a young trans woman of color, it’s also filled with plenty of other stories about transgender women and people of color in Hollywood.

In addition to the stories of transgender women, the film also highlights the stories and lives of LGBT people of all races, including people of colour, people with disabilities, people of immigrant and refugee descent, and other communities that often struggle with the issues that are faced by transgender people of various backgrounds.

“The Fashionably Rich Girl” is a timeless, accessible, and powerful film that’s important not only for the history of transgender representation in Hollywood, but also for the issues facing many of the characters in the film.

In the movie, Jane is a young model who is in love with a young fashion designer named John (Rihan Kaur).

But their relationship ends when Jane loses the love of her life to a man named John’s brother, who she considers her “soul mate.”

Jane is forced to move back in with her mother in order to be closer to her new boyfriend, and the relationship ends up leading to a new conflict with Jane’s father.

In “The Flaming Rose,” a story about a young transgender woman (Mae Whitman) who was raised by her adoptive mother in a Christian family in Indiana, she struggles to be accepted by her parents.

The film’s most poignant moment comes when the young woman who Jane once loved moves into a new apartment in the house she moved in with.

In a scene that’s almost unrecognizable from the rest of the film, the woman who once loved Jane moves into an apartment where she’s now forced to live with a man who is the very opposite of what Jane once wanted to be.

The film’s depiction of the struggles facing the transgender community is also relevant today, as the American Civil Liberties Union has taken up the fight to protect trans people from discrimination in the workplace.

It also highlights some of the issues faced by the transgender people in Hollywood that aren’t often addressed by the mainstream media.

“A Woman Like Me,” another classic, tells the story of a trans woman who has spent most of her adult life living as a woman.

But she’s eventually forced to give up the identity she has been fighting to preserve and live as a man.

“A Woman,” written and directed by director and actress Judith Butler, is the story behind the documentary “The Man Who Wasn’t There.”

“When You’re Ready” (1992) tells the tale of a young lesbian woman who is a sex worker, living her life as a “sex worker” in a hotel room.

In the film she goes through her own transition to a woman, and her transformation has her struggling with her sexuality, as well her physical health and mental health.

When I Was a Man” focuses specifically on a transgender woman who transitions to a cisgender woman as a young woman.


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