What the World’s Largest Fashion Co. is Doing to Help Women and Girls in the Middle East

The world’s largest fashion retailer is making sure women and girls can breathe easy in Morocco.

The clothing company has donated a new $200,000 factory to the country that will manufacture its women’s dress collection, and it is helping build a new community in the capital Rabat that will allow more women to work.

The new facility will house more than 1,200 women who will work there.

This will be the biggest investment in Morocco’s clothing industry in decades.

For the first time, Morocco is working with a major global brand like Lululemo to make sure that women and their families have the tools to live free of violence and discrimination.

For a company that prides itself on being environmentally conscious, the new factory will be crucial.

The project will cost around $400,000, which is less than the $1.5 million it cost to build a factory in Kenya.

It will also be the first major investment in women’s fashion in Morocco since the 1980s, when women were banned from wearing headscarves.

Lulules company is hoping to have a store on the ground floor of the new mosque on March 17.

This would be the second mosque built for women’s wear in Morocco, the first was in the small town of Abou Salah in the coastal town of Saffa.

Lulus founder and CEO Mohammed Ali says this project is a game changer for the entire community.

He says it is the biggest project he has ever worked on.

Morocco is a very small country, but it is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. “

We are also trying to create a new culture that allows for a better life for women in Morocco.”

Morocco is a very small country, but it is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

The country is the second largest producer of garments in the world, behind only China.

But it is also a country where women are at the forefront of society.

The world needs to recognize this and change the status quo, Ali says.

The Moroccan government has created a task force on gender equality to investigate the issues surrounding women’s economic empowerment.

The team is expected to report back in December.

The government has also established a women’s development ministry.

This ministry aims to make it easier for women to access government programs.

Ali says the ministry will also have an adviser to help empower women to make their voices heard.

He expects that the government will soon introduce laws to allow women to drive.

In the meantime, Lulululem has also created a women-friendly clothing brand, Lulu, to focus on women.

Its products are made from 100 percent natural fabrics and have no animal by-products.

The company’s mission is to help girls get ahead.

“Lulu is the most empowering brand that we have ever created, and we want to make that happen for all the women that are out there,” Ali says, noting that women who want to wear the brand will have to go through rigorous training and certification.

He also believes that this brand can help empower girls by making it more accessible for them.

“There is a lot of anxiety in the community,” he says.

“They are afraid that if they don’t have a brand they won’t be able to access certain services.”

Lulu is also helping to create women’s organizations and women’s trade unions.

Lulu’s main focus is on girls’ empowerment, but Ali says they have also started a women and children’s rights group.

Lumi is also working with the World Bank to help promote the importance of women’s rights in the region.

It is also giving scholarships to women who need them.

The goal is to create new opportunities for women, and they are going to make great contributions to the world,” Ali said.

For Lulu it is a dream come true.

Lululemen’s brand is still a young company. “

The biggest thing for me was the fact that I met so many beautiful girls,” he said.

Lululemen’s brand is still a young company.

It has not been able to build its first store in the city of Rabat, which will be in 2019.

The factory will open on April 12, 2019.

Lulemen has also begun a women in business program in Rabat.

The program will give women a platform to develop their skills and knowledge in order to be able in the workforce.


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