A little over a year ago, the New York Times ran a profile on the new collection of women’s fashion and style, featuring images of the designer models dressed in a variety of outfits and revealing more than just their faces.

The story made its way around the internet, which then spread across the fashion press, and the images became the basis of a new fashion trend that has been gaining traction across the globe.

The New York piece focused on the work of a pair of Moroccan women, Fadel and Aya, who, as the title suggested, wear black, full-length coats that are covered in intricate patterns.

The duo’s look is a fusion of style and fashion: The coats are full-bore, full of pockets and pockets of color, which add a nice visual element to the outfit.

The styles and colors are inspired by the work worn by a local artist called Maysoud Kanaan, who uses his talents to recreate a number of popular Moroccan styles, including the sultan dress, the burka, the niqab and the hijab.

In one of his pieces, Kanaani depicts a man in a turban and a traditional headdress, which he then re-purposes into a black coat.

In another, he depicts a woman in a traditional black burka wearing a full-face veil, which, when combined with a black cap, is a stylish addition to her outfit.

While the pair may be known for their unique look, the style they create is just as beautiful and beautiful as the images they’re referencing.

Aya is a young, French-Moroccan-born model, with a stunning face and long, brown hair that flows down her back, and her eyes sparkle.

Her style has been described as being very conservative, and while she is dressed in black, she wears a veil.

Fadel is a Moroccan woman from the southern French town of Amiens, who is often described as a “feminine Muslim” because she wears full-body head coverings and the headscarf.

She is also known for her hijab, which she wears in the style of traditional Muslim women.

She wears black pants, a black jacket and black shoes, with her face covered by a black veil.

The two women, who are known as Maysoum and Ayesha, both worked in the fashion industry before the publication of the New Times piece.

Ayeshe started out as a fashion designer before working with other models, like Aya and Fadel, to create their look.

According to the New Yorker piece, Maysoul Kanaen’s work is “very modern, very modern and very very modern.”

He says, “You can’t do it by yourself, you have to be the model.”

He added, “I’m trying to change the culture.”

As the fashion world becomes more diverse, so too are its trends.

As the fashion editors and fashion houses of major fashion houses like H&M, LVMH and Gucci, as well as brands like Hedi Slimane, L.L.

Bean and Dolce & Gabbana, have been working with designers and fashion editors from around the world, the fashion trend has been expanding.

The fashion world is also slowly embracing gender neutrality.

When it comes to fashion, there is a long tradition of wearing men’s and women’s apparel.

The new trend is called “no-makeup” and “no makeup,” where men wear makeup and women don’t.

A few of the models featured in the New Yorkers piece wore no makeup at all.

But it’s not just about gender.

There are also trends and styles that are all about the way we dress, like the new trends that are coming out of India and other parts of Asia.

This trend is being promoted by fashion designers, like Heminji, whose style is very feminine, full on, and full of color.

The model for the new look is known as “Sonia,” who looks very feminine and very feminine in her outfit and has the most flattering complexion on the runway.

Hemini is also one of the most successful designers in the world.

She’s also a model, and has been on several magazines, including Glamour, and on a number international magazines, like Vogue, in which she has been featured.

She has also been featured on a few international shows like the Vogue Spring 2018 issue, and also has been included in the magazine’s Fall 2018 issue.

She also has a book out, titled The Woman Who Wore Makeup.

Alyssa Rosenberg is a fashion editor at Jezebel, and is the author of the upcoming book, The Complete Guide to Fashion: 100 Essential Women’s Fashion Essentials.

Follow her on Twitter at @AlyssaRosenberg.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely


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