The National Women’s Soccer League, the United States’ professional women’s soccer league, is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis.

The league has a $1 billion budget, but its finances are in tatters, and it has been under federal oversight for three years.

The fallout has been so severe that a group of players and coaches is seeking to form a union to help raise the league’s financial support.

The league is facing a $500 million budget shortfall, and while players and managers have been trying to find ways to save the league financially, there is a growing sentiment among league officials that the league is being forced to do too much.

For the past two years, the league has been forced to cut down on ticket prices and concessions and to play more games in cities with poor attendance records.

The team owners are also struggling to pay their players.

The most dramatic cuts have come in the past three seasons, when ticket prices for the league season rose by an average of 50% and concessions dropped by 60%.

But it’s not just players and team owners that are struggling.

The National Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum, which is housed in a former military barracks on a busy part of downtown Minneapolis, has seen a significant decline in attendance in recent years, and the museum recently had to shut its doors for a few weeks due to severe winter weather.

This has forced the league to move its season from Minneapolis to Columbus, Ohio, where it has struggled to sell out games.

But the league isn’t the only one struggling.

There are also major financial issues facing the league, and some of the players and league staff are even calling for the departure of the league altogether.

For example, several of the owners have threatened to leave the league if the team owners can’t find a buyer to pay for the team.

The players are also worried about how they will continue to earn money when they retire.

The National Women, Soccer and Golf Association has been the league umbrella organization since the league was formed in 2000, but there is some disagreement over how the governing body should be run.

The union, which represents players and the league managers, wants to run the league through a “mutual aid” model that would allow the owners to negotiate with players directly, but the league and its players are opposed to that model.

This is why the union is calling for a union, and its leaders say they are prepared to sit down with the league owners if they are unable to find a solution.

If they cannot reach an agreement, the union has already begun drafting a list of demands that will include a salary cap, salary increases for players, and other financial issues.


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