Overstock.com is adding new women’s apparel to its women’s fashion line.

The retailer is launching two new products in a “packed packer” this week.

One of the new pieces, a $50 dress, will be available in women’s sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Another new item, a hooded top, will go on sale in women s sizes Medium, Large and XS.

Overstock says it has “over 1,000 styles” to choose from.

The dress, which is $49.99, is designed to make you look “feminine and classy,” Overstock tells PEOPLE.

The hooded dress is also available in $40.99 sizes.

The hooded piece is an “exclusive limited-edition,” says Overstock, which means that you can only own it once.

If you buy the hooded item, you can keep the rest of the Overstock collection, which includes dresses, skirts, tops, pants and accessories.

You can buy the “original overstock women dress,” which is currently $59.99 at Overstock for $125, Overstock said.

You can also get a $100 hooded hat, which will come in sizes Small to XS, Overthedays says.

The hat comes in four styles, from a $60-per-piece hooded sweater to a $95-per of “over-sized” hats.

This week’s “overstock womans fashion line” includes “fancy women’s and men’s accessories,” Overthes website says.


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