6 June 2018 by Anam Sarraf The UAE has long been a fashion destination, and the UAE’s fashion scene has been in the spotlight since it was founded in 1961.

But despite being a relatively small and relatively conservative country, it has been the epicenter of fashion trends in recent years.

The country is known for its richly-tuned, eclectic and cosmopolitan style, but it also boasts a rich and vibrant fashion scene, which has been growing rapidly in recent times.

The UAE’s most famous designer is Laila Al Bawadi, a former Miss World and a key player in the Dubai-based designer world.

A young designer by profession, Al Bowadi is the most recognizable face of the UAE fashion scene and is the subject of a recent documentary, The Next Girl.

In the film, she recalls her early career in the fashion industry, and describes the fashion she wore as being the most personal and the most important thing to her.

In The Next Boy, Al Ghaemi and other leading fashion influencers from the UAE are interviewed, including Laila.

In a fashion-filled world, fashion is a powerful medium to influence people.

The film takes viewers on a journey into the world of fashion in the UAE.

Laila explains how her style and personality has changed over the years and explains why her brand, Laila and the others have been at the forefront of the global fashion industry.

Al Ghammi explains how she became the face of a new fashion phenomenon in the country.

And a fashion designer herself, Ali al Adhaani, shares how he made the decision to join the industry and build his own business.

The documentary also discusses how Dubai has been able to develop its own style in a way that has been hard to replicate elsewhere.

The Future of Fashion, a documentary produced by the UAE Media Authority, explores the role fashion is playing in shaping the UAE, and shows how the country’s design and fashion industries are transforming into one of the world’s fastest-growing fashion and entertainment industries.

It also explores the globalisation of fashion and its impact on the country, as well as the UAE and the fashion scene in general.


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