New Scientist has revealed that there’s a surprising relationship between the types of clothing we wear and our attractiveness to others.

The research, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, found that people with more of a masculine personality tended to have a more attractive clothing style than those with a more feminine personality.

“The masculine personality is more likely to have more of the clothes that we wear that reflect our personality,” said Dr Susanne Czajkowski, lead author of the study.

“For example, men with a masculine face and personality tend to wear more masculine clothing than those who have feminine faces and personalities.”

Dr Czijkowski’s team asked the participants to pick from a selection of clothing styles ranging from men’s trousers to women’s dresses.

Then, they asked them to rate the participants’ attractiveness to the opposite sex.

While there were some differences in how men and women rated each other, the researchers said the most striking difference was in the way they judged the women’s outfits.

“We found that men tend to be more judgmental of women’s clothes than women are of men’s clothes,” Dr Czerkowski said.

“In other words, men are more judgemental of a woman’s clothing than a man is of a man’s.”

The researchers also found that, in contrast to what we would expect, women tended to judge men’s clothing more highly than men judged women’s.

The findings suggest that the “slim fit” approach to dressing can have positive effects on women’s appearance, Dr Czajakowski said, and could help to reduce stereotypes of women.

“One of the things we know about clothing is that the more masculine you are, the more attractive you are to the other sex,” she said.

In a previous study, Dr Cijakowski’s colleagues had found that a more masculine-looking male could have more sexual partners.

“I think that might be a reason why women tend to judge more negatively the way men look,” Dr Ciajkowski said of the results.

“It may be that they see a man who’s more masculine as more attractive to them, which may be something we can learn from.”

What’s more, there are many other ways in which men and other men can judge a woman and her clothes.

For example, the research team found that there is a positive correlation between how masculine a man appears and how much money he has.

“Men with more masculine personalities tend to have lower incomes than men with less masculine personalities,” Dr. Czjkowksi said.

So if you’re a man with a feminine personality, and you’re looking for a woman to spend more money on, there’s likely to be some correlation between your gender and how you look.

And in fact, the men’s bodies are also a good indication of how much you have.

“If you have a masculine body, you’re likely to attract more women,” Dr Cejakowski explained.

“But if you have feminine body, it might not be as clear.”

A lot of the research that has been done on men’s fashion has focused on the ways in the media that they influence women’s fashion, Dr Cejkowski said—for example, how much they pay for clothes.

But the real value of fashion has much more to do with the way we dress.

“There’s a lot of money in the clothes we wear, so why not put that money towards the clothes and make people happy,” Dr Celawski said.

The researchers hope their findings will be useful to other businesses and society, and that they can help women make better-informed decisions about the way to dress and how to pay for their clothes.


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