The Amish women who wear the same outfits are still wearing them, says Dr. Rachel Nieder, an associate professor of nursing at Saint Mary’s University in Brooklyn, New York.

“It is not something that they can ever change, because it’s part of their culture,” Nieden said.

The Amazons also have a “long history of wearing the garments that are traditionally their clothing,” said Niedenberg, a clinical nurse practitioner.

“So for them, wearing a different outfit does not change the meaning or the purpose of wearing it.”

It’s a way to feel different, but the women are not trying to be different.

Amish culture holds that women are a subservient and inferior class to men, Niede said.

Nieders mother was a “fearless and courageous woman,” and her daughter was also a pioneer in nursing, she said.

But she said the Amazones are trying to make amends by trying to learn how to dress more “respectfully” and “carefully.”

The women in their community are not alone in their pursuit of a more modern look, said Nielenberg.

“The Amazon’s have a long history of being more modern than most American women,” she said, adding that there is a lot of tradition and history that goes back to the Amish.

The traditional dress that women in the Amazon community wear includes a long black skirt, long sleeves and a long white skirt that goes over the shoulders.

The skirt is usually wrapped in black or red cloth and usually covered with a white satin ribbon, which also has a place in Amish traditions.

The headdress is also often tied with red cloth or a red ribbon and the skirt and headdress are wrapped with red silk.

Niereks sister also had long black skirts and long sleeves.

“We always wore the skirt, the headdress, and everything with red, white, and black.

But now, we have a little bit of a change of direction,” she told CNN.

“Because we have this big change, we are a little more mindful of the other women that we come in contact with.”

Niedes sister also said that her daughter has found a way of wearing her hair in a loose bun, which she said has made her feel more “in control.”

Nieers sister has also found that her sister has taken her to see a different doctor.

“She is going to get an appointment with a different surgeon, and she is going with a more experienced surgeon that will be able to give her a more traditional look,” Nieer said.

“There are other doctors who can do it, and I think that is going in the right direction.”

But the Amash have had to learn to change their clothing for the past 40 years.

“Amish women have been trying to wear more traditional, more traditional clothing for years, and it just never got them there,” Nier said.

It took time for them to understand that their clothing is not just for them and that they do not have to conform to this fashion, she added.

“I think they are very, very happy that they are still in their traditional way of life, and that people recognize that.”

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