Women are becoming fashionistas, and the trend for ‘hot’ dresses, tops and skirts is catching on.

With this trend in mind, here are five of the best women’s styles to buy in 2018.


Plaid dress This classic style has long been a favourite among the women in the UK and is now a staple in Europe, Australia and North America.

It is made of linen fabric and has been popular since the early 1900s.

It has also gained popularity in Asia and in countries like Thailand and Russia.

A plaid dress is a simple but sophisticated look that has the appeal of the timeless but trendy.


Top and skirt with pleated skirt A classic top and skirt are the go-to outfit for women of all ages, whether they are a mother, grandmother or a teacher.

These are often very stylish, but with a bit of flair for the dramatic.


Trousers A classic style for the summer, the turtleneck is often a staple for younger girls.

It can be worn with jeans or trousers, or with an undergarment to create a chic and modern look.


Lace up top A simple top is a must-have for a hot summer, especially if you have long sleeves.

It allows you to wear the same colour shirt or jacket you usually wear for work, or to be dressed for the office, with the added bonus of making it look more stylish.


Dress for the occasion A long-sleeved turtlenecks is another classic for a girl who has just moved to a new place, or who wants to be more comfortable.

This is a great choice for a summery look.


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