More than 20 years ago, fashion designer Donna Karan described the modern woman as “a fashion-driven, fashion-obsessed creature”.

She believed that the key to a woman’s success was to “wear the same clothes she does”.

And while it’s no longer a necessity to have the same look, she believes we still have a long way to go to live up to this ideal.

Here’s how to dress to make yourself feel better.

The basics The essential dress to follow is to try and find a piece of clothing that doesn’t need too much work to fit.

“If you wear the same outfit you wear every day, you’re just going to wear the exact same outfit,” she said.

“And you can’t wear the outfit you don’t wear.

That’s not what fashion is all about.”

This means looking for pieces that are made from materials that can be worn all day.

For example, the top layer of a shirt can be made from fabric, a hat can be a textile, or a belt can be lined.

You can also try and avoid wearing something that is too casual or that looks too out of place.

“When you’re wearing something, if you have a little bit of flare, you’ve got a bit of flair,” Karan said.

The key is to look for a piece that you can wear for a long time.

“That’s where the best pieces are,” she added.

“So if you’ve been wearing the same thing for years, you’ll know exactly what you need.”

The key to being comfortable in your new clothes is finding the right colour and size.

The longer you wear them, the more comfortable they will feel.

The main colour is important, because it will show you how comfortable you are wearing them.

And as long as the garment has the right amount of depth, you can choose the right size.

For this, you should find a friend or relative who can help you find the perfect pair of clothes.

Make sure the fabric is comfortable, so you can put your feet in them.

It should be warm enough for your feet, which will be the biggest issue if you are in cold weather.

For a long-lasting garment, a layer should have a seam allowance of three inches.

A thin layer should be at least two inches, but if the fabric has a lot of seams, it should be two to three inches deep.

“There’s a lot more to a good fit than just that, but that’s where a lot will depend on your shape and the way your foot sits on it,” Karans advice on finding the perfect fit.

Look for pieces with lots of pockets.

“You need pockets,” she explained.

“Pockets have to be big enough to hold a hand or two of things, and they have to go all the way to the front.”

You should also look for items that are wide and long enough to reach the hips.

“For men, you want a waistband or a corset,” she suggested.

“Women, you might want a bodice.

But if you’re a woman, it’s not the same.

You’re going to have to figure out a way to get a more fitted fit.”

Look for long-sleeved shirts that are longer than your arms.

“Warm clothes with sleeves are good, as long they are longer and they are long enough,” Karancos advice on how to find the right fit.

The best thing to do when choosing a new piece of clothes is to make a mental note of what it is you want.

“Just look at the size and what you’re looking for,” she advised.

“Don’t go into a room and just make your mind up.

Look at the fabric and then look at your hand and the body.”

Find the right length for your body, which means you need to try on the dress for a bit before putting it on.

This means going in for the full range of movement.

For instance, if your foot is shorter than the length of your waist, you need a longer piece of fabric.

You might want to get one that is wider than your hips.

If you want to make sure it’s comfortable, Karan suggested trying on different lengths.

“Try out a few pieces and try them out on your foot, your hips, your arms,” she urged.

“Look at how comfortable it feels, how well it fits, and then if you need anything else, you have it.”

Make sure you’re comfortable when you’re changing the garment.

“It’s really important that you change it regularly, because then you’ll get used to it,” she told Business Insider.

“Also, if something doesn’t fit, you won’t feel like it’s right.

You’ll know it’s wrong, but you won


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