They want to show off their physical and sexual selves 2.

They’re just plain sexy to be around and be around men 3.

They are also more attractive than men 4.

They tend to be more sexually active 5.

They may be more confident and outgoing 6.

They have a better body image 7.

They think their bodies are perfect for men 8.

They prefer to wear skirts, long pants, a white t-shirt, and no makeup 9.

They dress up as men to attract men to them 10.

They get extra attention from men because they are attractive 11.

They enjoy dressing up as males because it makes them feel good about themselves 12.

They don’t have to worry about having to make up their own clothes because they can always wear men’s clothes 13.

They believe that they have a natural body because they’re female 14.

They feel that they are the most beautiful part of themselves 15.

They do not want to lose their curves, or their curves will be rejected by men 16.

They like the attention and admiration of other women 17.

They see themselves as having a strong and beautiful body 18.

They’ve noticed how much more confident men are with their bodies 19.

They love their bodies and want to make them look better 20.

They also like to have fun and dress for a roleplay 21.

They use their own clothing to get the attention of men 22.

They say they are just like the other girls 23.

They usually dress in the same outfits as their male counterparts 24.

They often wear dresses with other girls’ clothing 25.

They wear a skirt or dress up with skirts or dresses 26.

They go out with other boys 27.

They can be seen as sexy by other men 28.

They might go out to a restaurant or to the cinema with their girlfriends 29.

They’ll have a party for a man who is attractive 30.

They will try to seduce a man 31.

They know that they can attract men by wearing revealing clothing and being sexy 32.

They avoid dressing as men because it may make them feel bad about themselves 33.

They consider themselves more attractive and less attractive 34.

They seem to be asexual and do not have a sexual desire 35.

They make up for their lack of sexual interest with their sex drive 36.

They look for attention and affection by being sexy 37.

They play with other women and their own bodies 38.

They take pictures of themselves with their phone or make videos of themselves on their phones 39.

They watch porn to try to get men to like them 40.

They act out their fantasies and want others to do the same 41.

They try to make other women think that they’re sexy 42.

They choose a man they like, they do things with him, and then they become friends 43.

They always want to feel the love and attention of a man 44.

They find it more difficult to date because they feel like they are a threat to others’ relationships 45.

They live in a world where they are seen as being inferior 46.

They spend more time with their parents, grandparents, and siblings than other people 47.

They need a partner and they can’t have one 48.

They resent men, so they act out fantasies with other men 49.

They dislike being alone 50.

They wish that their boyfriends and girlfriends could have sex with them 51.

They hate being called women 52.

They secretly want to be married 53.

They rarely have sex, but they love having sex 54.

They fantasize about having sex with men 55.

They pretend to be beautiful and beautiful women to attract a man 56.

They hide their physical appearance, but want men to know they’re beautiful 57.

They keep secret relationships and want other women to know about them 58.

They blame others for not being attracted to them 59.

They show off the bodies of other men 60.

They buy other women clothing to attract them 61.

They give themselves the impression that they need men to find them attractive 62.

They plan their own sexual encounters 63.

They sometimes act out what they think are their fantasies when they’re with other people 64.

They imagine that their own actions will be noticed by other people 65.

They just want to have sex and feel like a man 66.

They complain that they don’t get the love of a woman 67.

They worry about what others will think of them and how they will be treated by other women 68.

They expect that their physical attractiveness will attract other women 69.

They work to make others feel comfortable around them 70.

They hope that others will look at them as attractive 71.

They assume that other men will like them 72.

They put themselves in a position where they feel comfortable that other people will think they’re attractive 73.

They create false expectations for others’ behavior 74.

They fear rejection in other relationships 75.

They would like to be called a woman, but don’t want to give that up 76.

They really like to wear the clothes of women 77. They


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