The fashion industry has long struggled to embrace the idea of “gender neutral” clothing.

It’s not an inherently bad thing, but it does pose a challenge for designers, and has caused the industry to make some important changes in the past decade.

As well as focusing on the need to address the issue of gender-based stereotyping, there’s also been an increasing focus on how to help women reclaim their personal style and individuality.

We’ve tackled the issue in this week’s Women’s Style series, and we’re bringing you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the industry has responded to the trend.

Here’s what we learned.


The underwear industry is trying to change The industry is facing a backlash from women for not wanting to be labelled “sexist” and for choosing to wear “real” clothes.

“It’s not as sexy as you think it is,” one of the main reasons given for women not wanting “sex” to be associated with their bodies is that they don’t want to be “pushed”.

The “pushing” is often a sexual objectisation of the women wearing it, with some women complaining about the fact that it made them feel less than they were supposed to be.

It also comes down to the fact they are “over” or “out” of their comfort zone and feel uncomfortable in what they see as a world where men and women are viewed differently.

But this doesn’t seem to be the only reason why some women are not comfortable in wearing “real-women” clothing, or in “women-only” shops.

Some also argue that this clothing encourages a “feminist” message.

“The idea that we are not allowed to express ourselves as women is the same as being a sexist.

That it’s a message that’s not going to resonate with women,” says Claire Mowbray, co-founder of The Belly.

She points to an online campaign from one of Australia’s largest women’s fashion brands, Saks Fifth Avenue, that was launched in April 2018.

The campaign encourages women to “lean in” and not “put our foot in our mouth”.

In its “Lean in” campaign, the company encourages women, “to put our foot down, to listen, to care and to be more confident in our bodies”.

The campaign, which started with over 60,000 people signing a petition, says it wants women to take ownership of their body and is encouraging them to “push boundaries”.

This campaign also highlighted the need for the industry “to be a better place for all women”, according to a statement from Saks.

“We’re not trying to push boundaries,” it said.

“What we want is to change the conversation.”

The “Lean In” campaign is part of a broader effort to support women’s voices and to support those who are “out of step” with what is “legitimate”.

This is in part why, as one of its leading brands, Forever 21, is now taking steps to support the voices of women of colour and the LGBT community.

As one of Saks’ top female designers, Claire Mwobe, told us, the aim is to “change the conversation and change the attitudes”.

“It is not just about gender, it is about identity.

And if we don’t take responsibility for who we are and what we want, it doesn’t matter if we’re from a traditionally disadvantaged background or if we’ve been in a wheelchair or we have mental health issues, we are going to feel that we don,t belong in the world.”

In the words of one of Forever 21’s marketing managers, Jessica Tully, “We want to change people’s perceptions of women and to help them feel empowered.”


The “realism” trend is not new The “sexism” movement has been around for years, but the current trend of the “realist” is different from previous iterations.

“Realism” is the idea that there’s a reason behind clothes.

It wasn’t always this way.

“There was a time when you could have a really cool suit, and it was called ‘realism’, and it would have a great quality,” says Mwoele.

“But now it’s all about ‘dressability’,” she adds.

“If you wear it too casual, it’s ‘real’ and if you wear a suit it’s not.

It is about how you wear your body and how you express yourself.”

So why does the “sexistic” label matter?

In a lot of ways, “realistic” clothing is about being “casual” and “carefree” – things that aren’t considered sexy, but can be considered “feminine”.

This “casuality” is about not being defined by your gender, and the emphasis on being comfortable in a “formal” way.

When it comes to fashion, women have been wearing “casually” clothing for as long as fashion has existed,


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