A look at some of the clothes worn by Egyptian women in recent months, and a look at the fashion world in general.

Egyptian women have been increasingly dressing in clothing with a more Western flair, particularly in recent years.

In 2015, the country’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, promised to take steps to modernise women’s fashion.

He promised to introduce more “fashion-forward” clothing and create a new identity for women.

The president was overthrown in a military coup in July 2016.

“Egypt is a great country,” Mr Morsi said in a televised speech in March this year.

“I will change this, the nation will change.”

But for some women in Egypt, the change has been a bit too late.

“There is no time for this,” said one Egyptian woman who declined to be named for fear of reprisals.

“Women are tired of wearing this stuff.

I am so tired of it.”

The fashion industry is struggling to adapt to the new restrictions.

The country’s top fashion designer, Mounir el-Haddad, told The Associated Press last year that there was a “cultural gap” in how Egyptians were dressing.

There is a cultural gap, in terms of what we wear, he said.

I feel we are still very much in a traditional country.

But when you have a president who says he will make everything better, you know, it is very difficult to do anything.

In a recent interview, a senior official in the ministry of women, Nour al-Fattah, said that while many women in the industry had embraced the new dress codes, the industry was struggling to find a solution for a new generation of consumers.

She said the ministry was trying to get creative with ways of introducing new clothing to women in order to keep up with the changing fashion trends.

This year, Egypt’s largest chain, H&M, unveiled a new collection that includes dresses that incorporate modern, high-end fabrics.

The dresses are made in Morocco and sold at prices ranging from $140 to $450.

However, the new collections are not the only changes in fashion for Egypt’s top women.

In January, the first women-only shopping mall opened in the country.

At the mall, women can shop for dresses, skirts, skirts and tops for $30.

The clothes are available for sale at an array of stores across Egypt, including the city of Al-Arish.

Al-Arash is a small town of about 100 people about 50km (30 miles) west of Cairo.

It has no formal dress code, but the women of Al Arish wear more conservative clothing, according to the head of the local clothing shop, Azza al-Mubarak.

They wear long skirts and tight dresses.

They are also not allowed to wear any makeup, including lip gloss and eye shadow, she said.

Azza al, the store owner, said women would often buy dresses with long sleeves for the evening, but she also said the stores were struggling to keep pace with the demand for the new pieces of clothing.

Many women in Al Arash said they did not feel comfortable in their own clothing. 

“I wear my own clothes,” said Mina, a 32-year-old teacher from Al Arast who asked to be identified by her first name, Nafia.

But she said the new trends have not deterred her from wearing her traditional attire.

I wear these dresses for myself, she added.

Mina is one of many women who told The AP that they had bought dresses with longer sleeves, which she said had helped them fit into the new clothes.

Some women also say that the changes are not enough to keep their traditional outfits.

“I bought a dress with a long skirt.

But now I have to wear my traditional clothes,” she said, referring to the long-sleeved gowns she had bought years ago.

Nafia added that she was not happy with the new dresses.

“When I wear my clothes, I don’t feel like I am a part of the modern world.

It’s more like I’m wearing a garment from another country.”

The women I know are struggling with the same problems as me.

I think that the new rules will not change anything,” she added, saying she was worried about her safety and security in the new stores.

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